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MYGC’s Home Care Program can be one of the most valuable services you will need. You must be able to rely on the integrity, experience and thoroughness of the one you have entrusted to watch over your investment while you are absent. With this service, we put our years of experience and attention to detail to the test. MYGC thrives to provide you with peace of mind as we inspect and maintain your property on a weekly or monthly basis, or even feel free to custom build your service package to best fit your needs. We are here while you are not to maintain the security, quality and the comfort of your home or rental.

 The Home care Program is here to help to avoid the costly surprises so common to those returning like water leaks, mold or broken irrigation systems that can result in the need for costly emergency services, inconvenience to renters, insurance claims, loss of income and even bad reviews.



Here to maintain your curb appeal 

  • Landscaping and Tree Trimming 
  • Clean Up and Haul Away
  • Landscaping Inspection
  • Pool & Spa Inspection
  • Pest Control Inspection

Upcoming Shows

SAT 10/10

9:30 Club - Washington D.C.

w/ The Justin Trio

FRI 11/20

Radio City Music Hall - NYC

w/ The Justin Trio

Fri 01/01

The Filmore - San Francisco

w/ The Justin Trio


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